About Us

 I started sewing when I was 7 years old.    My Grandmother babysat while my parents, who were Grad Students worked and studied.      My Aunt who lived in the house next door was a dress maker and she taught me to sew on buttons.     I was hooked on all the beautiful fabric she had.    I had the best dressed Barbie on the block. 

I loved sewing.    My Mom had fits as I was growing up,  telling me I would never make a decent living sewing.   I would hear the stories of fleeing Ireland  for their kids and Grand  kids for a better future.    Sewing was  a step backwards.

I went to college,  but I went back to sewing.    I made more money sewing than I ever did as a teacher.    That is a sad story unto itself.      Here I am 50 years later with an 1800 square foot warehouse of fabric...that I sell and make a living.